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 This very personal cycle stemmed from my inner desire to take stock of my artistic work so far. The paintings created in 2013 are a dialogue with my older work - hence the quotes, references to the
paintings I completed before, personal recollections, sighs…They are also my intimate conversation with my grandson, a child still too young to be told about everything that is important to me. When I
was working on these small paintings, there appeared the spirits of  ancestors – the forefathers. I felt that I am also an ancestor for my grandson. These paintings carry my message for him. I wish that
my grandson Leon can stay connected with his ancestors, I wish for him to be open to his own tradition, the tradition of my forefathers – I wish for it to be his path. This message fulfills the
obligation to pass it on “from generation to generation”. I would like Leon to carry not a coffin, but a memory. I wish we all carry that memory. I think the Torah is also a recording of such events –
terrible, but transformed, so that life carries on. The light – visible in many paintings – is always carried forth.

 The paintings from this cycle were exhibited at the Opening Festival for the launch of the European Centre for Theatre Practices Gardzienice, in the fall of 2013. Earlier, in spring that year, they
were exhibited in the White Stork Synagogue in Wrocław. Joanna Korsan, from the Wrocław’s District of Four Denominations and Mutual Respect Foundation described her impressions from the
exhibition as follows: „Our presence here and now is an eternal circle of life, where nothing ends and nothing begins, because an end is a beginning and a beginning is an end. Therein lies the strength of the artist's experience. The memory of those who have passed away, one's own history, tradition and religion are an enduring value - the painter hopes that is the case also for her descendants. Her grandson Leon appears very often in the paintings, usually surrounded or accompanied by ancestors or religious symbols. The bond between generations, the memory, even if the days were tragic,
always gives strength.”

Everything Is Connected